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07 May 2024 by lbilh

World Asthma Day 2024

The life expectancy of optimally treated asthmatics corresponds to that of healthy people. However, it is important that the diagnosis is made in good time, that patients receive the right therapy for them, are adherent to their treatment and are well trained in dealing with their therapies – both drug and non-medication-based.

Around 4.3% of the entire world population is affected by asthma. In Austria, according to data from the Austrian LEAD study, 4.4% of the general population examined (women and men, aged 6-80) suffer from asthma. In children, asthma was and is the most common chronic disease of all.

Asthma Prevalence and Phenotyping in the General Population: The LEAD (Lung, hEart, sociAl, boDy) Study