03 Oct 2022 by lbilh

Robab Breyer-Kohansal in an interview: “More targeted use of cortisone using biologics”

Asthma remains a common chronic disease. Around 4.3% of the entire world population is affected by asthma. In Austria, according to the data of the Austrian LEAD study, it is 4.4% (of the general population studied, women and men, 6 – 80 years). In children, asthma was and is the most common chronic disease of all. Now there is a decisive new option in the therapy of this respiratory disease: Whereas in the past mostly oral steroids were used for severe asthma with all their side effects, these can and should be avoided in the future thanks to new therapy options with biologics. In order to make this possible, the therapy of uncontrolled (= symptomatic) asthma absolutely belongs in the hands of specialists.

Assoc. Prof. Robab Breyer-Kohansal, MD, scientific director of the LEAD study: “We can determine with a series of non-invasive measurements and blood findings exactly which asthma the respective patient has. This is the only way we can offer these innovative, tailor-made therapies in time.”

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