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11 Jun 2024 by lbilh

Pneumology in Focus (PIF) with new initiative Women in Focus

This year’s event “Pneumology in Focus” (PIF) by AstraZeneca with its new initiative “Women in Focus” was moderated by the initiator Prim.a Priv.-Doz.in Dr.in Robab Breyer-Kohansal together with Prim.a Priv.-Doz.in Dr.in Marie-Kathrin Breyer. The initiative aims to focus on the specific needs of female patients on the one hand and to promote gender equality in medicine on the other.

Focus on female patients

The first pillar of the initiative, “Focus on female patients”, concentrates on the unique needs and requirements of female patients in medical treatment. It emphasizes specific disease burdens and therapies for women. “We need to be aware that the needs of women in medical treatment are often different from those of men. It is important that we recognize these differences and take appropriate measures to ensure the best possible treatment for all female patients,” says Prim.a Priv.-Doz.in Dr.in Robab Breyer-Kohansal.

Female doctors in focus

Prim.a Priv.-Doz.in Dr.in Marie-Kathrin Breyer emphasized: “It is important that we are always committed to ensuring that women do not simply have to meet quotas, but that quality and competence always come first. It’s about creating equal opportunities. I am firmly convinced that we need profound social change in order to fundamentally change the perception of women and their professional opportunities.”