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Prof. Dr. Emiel F. M. Wouters

  • …supports the LEAD Study as a scientific advisor and works on numerous scientific research projects as a senior researcher.
  • …is the supervisor of the PhD students in the cooperative study programme between LEAD Study and University of Maastricht.
  • …he was Director of the Centre for Chronic Diseases at the Maastricht University Medical Centre, CEO of the Centre for Integrated Rehabilitation of Chronic Organ Failure (CIRO Horn) and Research Coordinator of the Respiratory Centre of Excellence at the Maastricht University Medical Center.
  • …was Chief Editor of the European Respiratory Monograph until 2005.
  • …became Full Professor after his appointment to Associate Professor of Pulmonology and Chairman of the Department of Respiratory Medicine at the University Hospital Maastricht in 1992 and Chairman of the medical board of the Asthma Centre, Hornerheide, The Netherlands.
  • …started his residency in the Department of Pulmonology at the University Hospital Maastricht in 1981 and was registered as a pulmonologist in 1984.
  • …trained in internal medicine at the Annadal Hospital Maastricht, The Netherlands and at the University Hospital Leuven, Belgium.
  • studied medicine at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, where he graduated in 1978.