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The team of the LBI congratulates Assoc. Prof. Robab Breyer-Kohansal on the successful completion of her habilitation. She has worked intensively on the topic of lung function and recently published "Factors Associated with Low Lung Function in Different Age Bins in the General Population". Thus, this was also the topic of her habilitation.

The work dealt with impaired lung function and the associated factors in the general population from childhood to adulthood. Cross-sectional data from the general population cohort, the Austrian LEAD study, which includes more than 11,000 participants aged 6 to 80 years, were used. It showed that abnormal lung function is prevalent, meaning that a significant proportion of the general population has low lung function.

They also analysed the factors associated with low lung function using network analysis. It was found that some of these associated factors are potentially preventable and/or modifiable, vary across age groups and accumulate with age.

Congratulations on this outstanding achievement!